Welcome to nnDnn!

This journey is only beginning and we welcome your early interest in our organization. We would like to make clear, at this, the earliest point, that we do not bestow knighthood and we will not sell you a fancy title. While we may offer you the knowledge that such organizations exist we are not those organizations nor are we representatives of those organizations. In joining our group you are merely associating with others who share a love for the chivalric life so beautifully illustrated by the spirit of the Knights Templar.

This site is completely dedicated to the romanticism of knighthood and does not deal with any other aspect. If your view of Knight Templarism is different we hold no animosity towards your views. Your views are likely valid within the sphere you function in. We are willing to see your perspective, please afford us the courtesy of allowing us ours.

This site is incomplete. The ideas presented are in raw form. We look to the assistance of our membership to hone and complete this work. Again, this is a "work in progress," and we do not represent ay organization that has previously existed or (excepting the group itself) existing today.


Mission Statement:

The purposes of nnDnn shall be to promote chivalric endeavors throughout the world and more especially the promotion of activities related to the Knights Templar, to offer those who seek to participate in a chivalric lifestyle options that may not have been previously considered, to assemble a wide variety of perspectives on the promotion of Knight Templarism, and to promote the glory of the Holy Trinity in Unity, A! A! A!


The Cornerstone:

This organization is founded upon the principle of Truth. We seek to offer those who choose to follow in the footsteps of valiant Christian knights, such as the Knights Templar, a gateway to opportunities to expand their essence of being and their dedication to a chivalric lifestyle.


Ways to use this site:

The goal is a more chivalric life. The path you take is up to you. This site is a resource that you can utilize in different ways. You can jump to the tools section and consult our information on chivalric books, groups, activities and more. There you can research activities that lead to a more chivalric lifestyle. You can join in the quest. This site has a quest to master yourself and live a chivalric life every second of the day. You can use the proposed quest process as a basis for the formation of your own process. And, you can join in and participate in contributing to the nnDnn project. We look forward to your input.

More to Come:

The Quest:

The Quest of nnDnn is to adopt a chivalric lifestyle. We start with descriptions of basic metaphysical concepts and relationships. We describe our concept of the essence of self which we divide into various elements or spheres depending on what we desire to express.

The Process:

We offer a personification process to analyze life events and adopt a more chivalric attitude. We start with the seven elements of the human essence of being. We then add the archetypes of character which are presented using examples found in both history and fiction.

Next, using the elements as a framework, we develop an understanding of how the archetypes express chivalry in their lives by their actions, presence, attitude, and etc.

The process is completed when you can instantaneously evaluate any life experience from the chivalric perspective of the archetypes and personify the one most suited to your needs to the situation.

The Tools:

The Tools employed by those who seek to incorporate chivalric elements into their lives are presented in this section. Here each element of the essence of self describes groups, activities, books and other information that will aid in the development of a more chivalric life.


Participate in our cause by contributing to our efforts.



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